Climbing Challenges


SKYTrek at Colin Glen Adventure Centre offers a wide range of aerial adventures & group climbing challenges focusing on team building, group work, trust, leadership, communication and facing your fears! Not for the feint-hearted, these challenges are perfect as a team building event for your business or youth group.


The Challenges

  • Gladiator – Race against your team mates up a vertical cargo net & over the tyres & logs. Great introductory climbing challenge & ideal for youth groups and adults alike.
  • Jacobs Ladder – Help your team mates to the top of the ladder. An exercise in teamwork & friendly cooperation. In teams of three, climb to the top of a suspended ladder of logs. The gaps between each log become wider the higher you go. Pushing up, pulling up, standing on shoulders –  work together to achieve a common goal. The activity promotes friendship, communication, discussion, leadership and decision-making.
  • Crate Stacking – Stack the crates as high as you can without knocking them over. Crate climbing involves placing one crate on top of another with the climber remaining standing on the topmost crate without dismounting at any time. The aim is to see how high you can get before the pile of crates topples over or the climber falls off.
  • High All Aboard – 4 Team Mates work together to climb to the top of the 10 metre pole.   Using cooperation and communication, they assist each other onto the platform at the top & Lean Back. This activity is great for fostering support for each other and promoting a sense of joint achievement in groups.
  • High V’s – Tight Rope Walking using your partner to balance. An activity with Teamwork at its core. Starting at the point of the ‘V’ each pair are challenged to move as far along the element as possible, using each other for support. Developing trust and commitment as they work their way along, to reach the end of the ‘V’ shaped element.


Group members can climb each element or remain on  the ground to support climbers by belaying (controlling the safety rope as you would whilst rock climbing). Each element is deliberately designed to focus the mind. This is an excellent activity for older students, adults or those entering the workplace for the first time. Group Climbing Challenges teach some important lessons about how to work together, support others and provide good leadership and encouragement. They’re great fun, incredibly exciting and allows individuals to explore personal goals and set their own targets.

Group Climbing Challenges are suitable for groups of 10 or more. It is possible to combine these climbing challenges with other outdoor activities to pro long your stay. Simply contact us for more information. For a group of 10 people to complete all 4 climbing challenges takes 3-4 hours.

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