We are now seeking experienced board members

07 Mar 23 / News

Colin Glen is one of the fastest growing attractions.

Can you help us grow further?

We are now seeking experienced board members.

Colin Glen Trust is one of the most successful charitable social enterprises in the country. It is responsible for the maintenance, development and promotion of 240 acres of vital green space in the west of the city and as part of its drive to become financially sustainable has become one of the most important visitor attractions on the island.

We have grown our visitor numbers to almost 300,000 per annum and offer a range of unrivalled, innovative and unique attractions as well as providing free access to one of the most beautiful forest parks in Belfast. Over the past number of years we have attracted investment in excess of £5M and have grown from 7 employees to over 50, many of whom have come through the various training programmes which we have offered to local young people.

Our aim is to become the best visitor attraction on the island while never losing sight of our constitutional objectives of providing world class leisure and recreation facilities and protecting and enhancing the environment.