Bat night at Colin Glen Forest Park

Are you Batty about Bats?



Looking for a fun way to enjoy Halloween?  Then bring the family down to Colin Glen Forest Park for our Bat Night! Learn to love these clever aerial acrobats and see how many species our bat detectors can pick up.

On Tuesday 24th October, our forest park ranger will lead evening walks in the park on the hunt for our nocturnal flying friends.  Bats are an important part of our forest ecosystem, but often go unnoticed because they come out at dusk.  While keen-eyed chiropterists (bat hunters) might be able to spot them unaided. Did you know that the saying ‘blind as a bat’ is totally unfounded as bats have very good eyesight? One pipistrelle bat can eat up to 3,500 insects in one night. Bats use a form of sonar to locate their food!

Come and try your hand at bat detecting and discover how the park comes to life after dark as these little acrobats flit and soar through the trees. Using bat detectors to help locate the bats in the fading light, participants will try and seek out the smallest species of bat found in Britain and Ireland – at less than two inches tall and only an eight-inch wingspan, these nocturnal creatures are best studied at dusk. So join us in the search for the elusive and protected Pipistrelle bat. 

And there’s more!  Prior to the walk, there will be a range of crafts and games for the kids as we wait for the sun to go down.  There will also be a short presentation about these unique mammals.

So, come join in the fun.  Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for an evening walk.  We also advise participants to bring their own flashlight!

Dates: Tues 24th October

Admission: £4 per person

Time: Begins at 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Location: Meet at Colin Glen Forest Park, 163 Stewartstown Road, Belfast , BT17 0HW

Telephone: 028 9061 4115

What to Bring: Suitable Footwear, Rain Coat, Flashlight, Camera.

*Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult for this event.


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