Fossil Hunt


Fossil Hunt! – Colin Glen is an amazing site with history dating well before the age of the T-REX, Join our Park Ranger & Learn about our pre-historic past.

Join our experienced Park Ranger as he tells the geological history of Colin Glen and the Belfast Hills. Go on a fossil finding expedition in the park to search for the remains of ancient creatures – who knows what you might discover! Learn about our prehistoric past & you may just be lucky enough to take a piece of history home with you. Our fossil hunt will be a sell out event. DON’T MISS IT!

Home of Paleontology

Did you know that Colin Glen was once NI’s equivalent to Jurassic Park? The Forest Park is rich in fossils and is a site of great geological interest. Indeed The fossil of a prehistoric sea monster that lived more than 144 million years ago was found in the Colin river by our Park Ranger – Paul Bennett. It would have belonged to a creature known as a ‘sea dragon’ about 20 metres long, which was here in the Jurassic period, during which, Ireland would have been down where the Sudan is & covered by seas.


Dr Michael Simms, a curator of paleontology at the Ulster Museum, examined the fossil and believed it to be 190 million years old. The 7 cm section of vertebrae belonged to The plesiosaur, which had a round short body, four flippers, a short tail, a very long neck & small head. They had sharp teeth and snapping jaws, which set a deadly trap for small aquatic animals.

Location: Colin Glen Forest Park, 163 Stewartstown Road, Belfast, BT17 0HW

Date: Sunday 23rd July

Start Time: 1pm

Finish Time: 4pm

Maximum: 30ppl

Suitable For: Suitable for all ages, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

What To Bring: Wear wellies and outdoor clothing. Event includes some moderate, uphill walking.

Price: £4 Adults, £3 Children

Tel 028 9061 4115

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