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Volunteering Opportunities at Colin Glen Trust


Here at Colin Glen Trust, we offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, which can be enjoyed by able and less able persons of all ages, on a short or long-term basis. Volunteers are integral to the work we do at Colin Glen - the time, skills and knowledge which you can offer are invaluable. Through volunteering with us you will build on these attributes whilst also meeting like minded people, developing friendships and, most importantly, enjoying yourself. Every volunteer really can make a difference and we endeavour to make your time with us as rewarding as possible.

Environmental Teambuilding

"Not only is volunteering for the environment, it also benefits the wider community". Paul McGowan - Colin Glen Conservation Volunteer.

Volunteering Opportunities

Opportunities include:

  • Practical conservation work, including: Tree planting, woodland management, wildflower meadow management, wildlife surveying, habitat creation, invasive species control & removal, coppicing and park ranging.
  • Biological monitoring opportunities including: Bird Population Surveys, Butterfly Surveys, Water Quality Analysis & Population Monitoring, Physical River Surveying
  • Training Opportunities including: Strimmer Use & maintenance, Species Identification.
  • Environmental education : Planning and delivery to both schools and local community groups
  • Park services such as: Path installation & maintenance and seating area development
  • Green-keeping projects such as Horticulture, Sports turf management, Tree Planting, Drainage Ditch Development
  • Reception & Administration Duties
  • Outdoor Activity Instructional Duties
  • Marketing of the park and our events 
  • NVQ programme, in association with Greenmount College, Antrim.

The Volunteer officer will provide personal protective equipment, initial orientation, job training and supervision.

Corporate Volunteering

An excellent way for groups & businesses to encourage team work, while working to conserve wildlife and offer something back to the local community. Team Challenge Events provide great opportunities for positive publicity and help organisations to meet corporate social responsibility objectives.

"To be honest we surprised ourselves by how hard we worked and the amount of work we managed to get through! But when we reflected at the end of the day on what we had achieved and the impact it would have for the community and the park, we were completely beaming with pride". Bank of Scotland - Business in the Community Volunteer.

Like to discuss volunteering, contact us or call 028 90 614115