How Can You Help?

Colin Glen Trust is committed to the development and management of the Colin Glen area. Our role is to promote the use of natural resources in our Glen, provide a special place to come and enjoy nature and world class outdoor activities on your doorstep.

Your donations will help to:

  • Provide space and freedom for our wildlife 
  • Allow our wonderful flora and fauna to grow and flourish
  • Manage our rivers and keep them clean
  • Plant trees and conserve our natural spaces
  • Create employment opportunities for local people
  • Enhance our education programmes to encourage schoolchildren to learn more about nature
  • Deliver positive programmes to give local youth a new start in life
  • Develop new and exciting outdoor attractions to attract visitors all over the world
  • Generate revenue to be routed back into our organisation and to the local community

Make A Donation

Support the trees, wildlife, young people, community and allow Colin Glen to sustain and grow. With your support, we can keep moving, keep growing and ensure the forest and the facilities always remain.

Legacy Donations

Without legacies and support from people who have gone before us, we wouldn’t be where we are today. By remembering Colin Glen in your will, you’ll leave a lasting gift that makes a real difference.

No matter how small, you will leave a lasting impact on our trees, our wildlife and our people which will never fade.

We know your family comes first, but if you do choose to also include Colin Glen Trust in your will, we appreciate every penny.

To discuss legacy donations with a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to call us on 02890614115.