We at Colin Glen Trust are committed to good practise which protects children and young people from harm. Our staff are trained in child protection and accept their responsibility to provide an environment which promotes the safety of children at all times. We achieve this by creating an awareness of issues that may lead to child harm, create an open environment for discussion and adopt a child centred democratic approach when communicating with children. We also ensure this through careful recruitment of our staff, robust safeguarding guidelines, policies and procedures and we provide periodic refresher training sessions to solidify this policy.


  • All children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (i.e.: Adult can take part as a competitor in any activity or be visible in the SKYTrek compound at all times)
  • For adventure/ group bookings or children’s birthday parties over 10 children there should be 2 or more adults present.
  • Adults are to supervise and control the behaviour of their group at all times. The role of the instructor is to keep everyone safe!
  • If an adult isn’t present or has to leave the SKYTrek compound for whatever reason, the instructor can if necessary halt the session until they return.
  • Any injury/ incident that occurs to a minor must be reported to an instructor immediately or before leaving the SKYTrek compound.
  • An Instructor will provide a full safety brief before each activity.


  • Your group must be in good health and physical condition to complete the activity.
  • You must inform us of any specific needs or disabilities of your group prior to your experience, particularly any medical conditions which may affect members of your group completing your activity.