Colin Glen prepares to launch world class attractions

24 Jan 20 / News

Construction is continuing to progress and is nearing completion across the sites of our new attractions with a number of exciting developments happening this week.

Toboggan track: The toboggan track has now been completely installed and is currently undergoing health and safety testing in preparation for its launch.

Top Station: The foundation of the Top Station is being built in preparation for the building’s arrival. Once the building has arrived the next steps are to ensure it has an electrical connection and the fit out of the building itself. Once the Top Station is operational it will only be a matter of weeks before the first Colin Glen Coaster passengers will be hurtling down through the Forest Park.

Car park: The Car park is now laid out and the main access road and the path to the Top station are all being built. Last week the drains and inspection chambers were being built.

Zip line: The zip line planning application was approved in November. It came with a long list of planning conditions which we need to work our way through before work can start on site.

The Dome: The Dome covered pitch is close to completion. The blower house is built and the control panels are currently being configured. The final grading of the surface has been completed and the shock pad and 3G surface is already starting to go down. Over the next week the sand and rubber crumb will be applied and the delivery and installation of the dome will commence from Monday 27th. We have already started to take bookings for week commencing February onwards.

Cycle Track: Work on the cycle track was suspended during the construction of the toboggan and top station. Parts of the track have been removed to accommodate the toboggan track but will be reinstated. Works are due to recommence in March 2020.

Colin Glen hopes to launch all attractions from Spring 2020 and will continually update on construction progress over the forthcoming weeks.

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These projects are being funded by Belfast City Council and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs through the Rural Tourism Programme