Welcome to our NEW World Class Outdoor Attractions

Colin Glen is delighted to be launching a number of world class outdoor attractions in the coming months. The Black Bull Run, Ireland’s First Alpine Coaster & River Rapid, Longest Zipline are due to open to the public in Summer 2021. The new world class attractions are located at our Mountain Entrance in our 200-acre forest park with views over Belfast City and beyond.

NOTICE: Our new attractions are not currently available to pre-book. Pre-booking will launch in the coming weeks, follow us on social media for regular updates and pre-booking announcements.

The Black Bull Run

Travel through the forest, twisting and turning, downhill and up, through tunnels and in and out of the trees – while you control the speed on Ireland’s First Alpine Coaster.

  • Length: 565 metres
  • Downhill: 349 metres (Gradient 12.2%)
  • Uphill: 216 metres (Gradient 19.7%)
  • Twists & Tunnels: 12 twists and 2 tunnels
  • Max Speed: 25mph / 40kph
  • Suitable for ages 3+ (3-8 year olds must ride with an adult)
  • Min Age of 8+ and/or min height of 1.3 metres required for individual use
  • Max weight: 120kg per cart
Ireland's First Alpine Coaster

Belfast Zipline

Forest Flyover Zipline

Climb the tower to get in your starting position and hang on tight as you zip down the line, over The Black Bull Run with views over our 200-acre forest park.

  • Takeoff Tower: 50ft
  • Length: 250 metres
  • Landing Tower: 16ft
  • Max Speed: 35mph / 50kph
  • Suitable for ages 10+
  • Min height: 1.4 metres
  • Min weight: 30kg
  • Max weight: 120kg per cart

River Rapid Zipline

Climb the 100ft tower and zip through the trees, at up to 50mph on Ireland’s Longest Zipline, taking in the mind-blowing views over the city and valley of County Down!

  • Takeoff Tower: 100ft
  • Length: 700 metres
  • Max Speed: Up to 50mph / 80kph
  • Suitable for ages 10+
  • Min height: 1.4 metres
  • Max weight: 120kg per cart

Colin Glen Zipline



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The project has been supported by Belfast City Council’s Belfast Investment Fund, DAERA Rural Tourism, DAERA TRPSI Rural Affairs and the Department for Communities.

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