New Landy Train arrives at Colin Glen Forest Park

30 Mar 21 / News
Land Train Colin Glen

Ahead of new world class attractions coming to Colin Glen Forest Park summer 2021 (subject to government guidelines), Colin Glen has announced the introduction of a new land train to service journeys through the 200-acre Forest Park.

The land trains, which were previously meant to carry sightseers from the Stonehenge Visitor Centre to the monument itself, have now landed at Colin Glen and will begin to carry passengers this summer.

Each carriage seats 20 people and will be used to transport visitors between multiple attractions and significant sites along the way. Colin Glen will also be installing new signage throughout the 200-acre Forest Park, to include maps and storyboards in order to direct people safely and easily through the Park.

Later this year, Colin Glen also hope to launch new history and heritage tours through the Park and will revolutionise its product offering by providing headsets so that people can learn more about Colin Glen and its surrounding areas, whilst they travel.

Chief Executive, Colin O’Neill commented:

We expect to see thousands of visitors from all across Ireland and beyond, coming to the park over the coming months and years to experience all that we have to offer.

We wanted to offer a comfortable mode of transport and as an environmental organisation, it was also imperative that we sourced transport with low environmental impact.

The new land trains offer the perfect solution and it is also nice to have a link with one of the wonders of the world in Stonehenge, another hugely significant heritage site.

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